L'esprit d'escalier de Yute the Beaute - 独白

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They obviously needed to beep out some of the dialogues for this YouTube snippet.

Now where can I get that "Blue Skies" by Al Jarreau at the end?
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As ever, our lovely neighbours from the sweet land of the Philippines, the Land of "My Way" murder (if you don't know what that is, let's just say that I think twice before taking up that microphone to sing a song badly now that there are people worse than Simon Cowell from the Philippines), are having a party this Easter weekend with her compatriots, which means one thing and one thing only... the endless Karaoke party of shamelessly schmaltzy love songs that... that... I can sing along to. I don't know why... I just can. Just call me Tito Yutaka.

Here are some of the songs I heard today...

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At one point, I was seriously considering naming my son "Gene" after one of the stars in this monumental film.

Arthur Freed is a genius. But why not mention Cyd Charisse?
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Very articulate and funny (what's with the hair?) Sandra Bullock followed by His Dudeness a.k.a. Jeff Bridges. Then very intelligent Julianne Moore followed by Jake Gylenhaal, whose face I cannot see without thinking of what went on in that tent in "Brokeback Mountain", talking about "kiss ass". Carey Mulligan, again very articulate and analytical, is followed by none other than Woody Harleson. Somewhat representing the state of American manhood, wouldn't you say? Thank God for George Clooney, although his over-aged Peter Pan persona is hardly a role model. ("Up In The Air"... how appropriate... Happy thoughts, George, happy thoughts!)

Had I known that Colin Firth would end up looking like a washed-up Donald Trump, I wouldn't have been so confounded by Darcy-mania in my late 20's.
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Love this film.
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My wife wants us to be more Jewish. She says we have much to learn from their legendary financial acumen. It may be true in my case, but it would be an overkill to add Jewish thrift to her, given that she is a third generation Chinese Japanese and that she has no shilly-shally Japanese-ness when it comes to money matters.

Maybe what she is really after is the matriarchal dominance in Jewish households.

Here's some classic from Mr. Anne Bancroft...